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Iglesia Ni Cristo oversees $20,000 donation to True North Aid

The charitable arm of Iglesia Ni Cristo gifts $20,000 to Northern Canada's indigenous communities via True North Aid.

Iglesia Ni Cristo has long encouraged its local congregations in Canada to reach out to and support the country's northern, indigenous, and remote populations. Now, and through its charitable arm, the Felix Y. Manalo Foundation, the church has overseen an incredible $20,000 donation to these communities with the help of True North Aid.

"Today, we come together to create a wave of generosity, community engagement, and support. We do so alongside True North Aid in their mission to provide practical humanitarian assistance in the remote communities of Northern Canada," said an Iglesia Ni Cristo representative upon sharing news of the incredible gift on June 29, 2021.

The church pledged a total of $20,000 to Northern Canada's indigenous communities via its charitable arm, the Felix Y. Manalo Foundation. Together, they also arranged a donation of a further 100 gift bags containing school supplies, bed sheets, pillows, blankets, and more to those in need.

It's one of a number of humanitarian efforts undertaken by Iglesia Ni Cristo recently in support of Northern Canada's indigenous communities. "Poverty is never neutral; it intersects with many identity categories such as gender, ability, age, and citizenship," explains the church's representative.

Moreover, poverty disproportionately affects specific communities, they report, with especially vulnerable groups including young children and pregnant or nursing women.

Iglesia Ni Cristo is an independent nontrinitarian Christian church founded by Felix Y. Manalo in 1914 and headquartered in the Philippines. The church is set to celebrate its 107th anniversary on July 27. To mark the occasion, and shoulder to shoulder with the Felix Y. Manalo Foundation, the religious organization will oversee a series of further global humanitarian efforts.

Among these efforts will be steps taken to share Christian values through good deeds and promote community spirit via purposeful acts of kindness. Furthermore, a variety of events scheduled between now and the end of the year will continue to focus on the ongoing support of Canada's northern, indigenous, and remote populations.

True North Aid is proud to be a part of Iglesia Ni Cristo's efforts

True North Aid is a leading Canadian charity providing practical humanitarian support to the country's northern, indigenous, and remote communities through predominantly grassroots projects. The organization was fundamental in overseeing Iglesia Ni Cristo's recent contribution of both funds and crucial supplies.

"The past 16 months have been like never before, with the global pandemic adding a layer of suffering on top of the news surrounding historical oppression contributing to high poverty levels among Canada's indigenous families," reveals a spokesperson for the charity.

True North Aid's spokesperson went on to add that they were proud to have been a part of Iglesia Ni Cristo's latest humanitarian initiative in Canada. The church's donation, they said, represents a great deal of help to the country's indigenous communities in line with True North Aid's foundational pillars of support, including access to food, housing, healthcare, and education.

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